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Past Shipments

This is a list of our previous shipments , click a machine to find out more.
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Noble & Lund Lathe Capacity 1410 x 9000mm weighing 40,000 kgs
VDF Shaft Lathe capacity 600mm x 8000mm VDF Shaft Lathe capacity 800mm x 8000mm
Craven Crankshaft lathe capacity 1435 x 8000mm weighing 42,000 kgs.
Hegenscheidt 167L-1 wheel-set lathe weighing 40,000 kgs.
Broadbent lathe capacity 994 x 6400mm weighing 13,000 kgs.
Oerlikon DM5-S lathe capacity 1486 x 6000mm weighing 18,000 kgs.
VDF lathe capacity 1400 x 7000mm weighing 16,000 kgs.
Kampnagel turbine lathe capacity 4000 x 6000mm weighing 85,000 kgs.
Meuser lathe capacity 1250 x 3500mm weighing 10,000 kgs.
Poreba TCA-125 lathe capacity 1250 x 6100mm weighing 21,500 kgs.
Craven roll lathe capacity 1727 x 10668mm weighing 80,000 kgs.
Loaded for shipment. Swift RL2 roll lathe capacity 1100 x 4700mm weighing 20,500 kgs
Swift 33G roll lathe capacity 1676 x 9000mm.
Broadbent-Schofield drum lathe capacity 1829 x 8355mm.
Swift RL1 roll lathe capacity 864 x 4000mm.
Craven gap bed lathe capacity 1524 x 6000mm weighing 24,000 kgs.
MFD BW900GK-1 roll lathe capacity 1200 x 3200mm weighing 38,000 kgs.
Waldrich WSD 1150 heavy duty sliding bed lathe capacity 4000 x 16000mm weighing 148,000 kgs.

Vertical Borers

Berthiez KQ 9340 Vertical Borer with 5790mm swing weighing 22,000 kgs
Broadbent B10 Vertical Borer with 3160 swing weighing 27,000 kgs
Craven-Swift vertical borer with 1680mm swing weighing 28,000 kgs.
Schiess ZKN-250S vertical borer with 2700mm swing weighing 34,000 kgs.
Sedin 1553 vertical borer with 2362mm swing weighing 32,000 kgs.
Niles DKZ-4000 vertical borer with 4065mm swing weighing 75,000 kgs.
Rafamet 1KCE vertical borer with 2800mm swing weighing 40,000 kgs.
Titan SC-27 vertical borer with 2650mm swing weighing 40,000 kgs.
Kolomna 1562 vertical borer with 3550mm swing weighing 80,000 kgs.
Webster & Bennett 48'' vertical borer.
Loaded for shipment Webster & Bennett 60'' vertical borer
Craven vertical borer with 6000mm swing weighing 125,000 kgs.
Sedin 1512 vertical borer weighing 16500 kgs.
Richards vertical borer with 2525mm swing weighing 30,750 kgs.
Broadbent vertical borer with 3160mm swing weighing 24,000 kgs.
Richards vertical borer with 1625mm swing weighing 18,000 kgs.
Morando VS12 NC vertical borer with 1400mm swing weighing 18,000 kgs.
Niles retractable gantry type vertical borer with 8700mm swing weighing 125,000 kgs.
Berthiez 9370 vertical borer with 6000mm swing weighing 96,000 kgs.

Horizontal Borers

Scharmann Opticut 500PC horizontal borer weighing 31,400 kgs.
Webester Bennett S CNC vertical borer with 1850mm swing weighing 23,100 kgs.
Scharmann FB125 CNC horizontal borer weighing 26,500 kgs.
Scharmann Ecocut 2 twin pallet CNC horizontal borer.
Staveley-Kearns-Richards WB50 horizontal borer weighing 41,000 kgs.


Noble & Lund O/RLMA planomiller capacity 1525 x 3050mm weighing 43,250 kgs.
Kendall & Gent planomiller capacity 2083 x 2135mm weighing 27,600 kgs.
Planers planomiller capacity 1854 x 5000mm weighing 66,100 kgs.
Being loaded for shipment. Noble & Lund planomiller capacity 3400mm x 12200mm


Russian 6A59 vertical milling machine capacity 2500 x 1000mm weighing 23,000 kgs.
Archdale 4'6'' radial drill + box table, an Asquith OD2 7'0'' radial drill + box table and 2 units Kitchen & Walker E4 radial drills + box tables weighing a total of 27,550 kgs.
Tos Piesok LOD-200 press brake capacity 200 tons
Dismantled and loaded for shipment. WMW PYXA hydraulic pressbrake weighing 25,000 kgs.

More Information & Photos
Russian 7A 112 planer capacity 1200 x 4000mm weighing 30,000 kgs.
Mandelli Thema ram type cnc floor borer with integrated table capacity 6000 x 2000 x 700mm weighing 48,000 kgs.
Erfurt SCTP-25/3150 guillotine weighing 40,000 kgs.
Heckert SCTP-16/3150 hydraulic guillotine weighing 25,000 kgs.
Pels SCTR 25/3150 guillotine weighing 35,000 kgs.
dismantled and loaded for shipment. Steco HIP5 bending roll capacity 16 x 3050mm weighing 18,500 kgs
Steco XP/DE bending roll capacity 25 x Steco XP/DE bending roll capacity 25 x 3050mm weighing 22,000 kgs.
Installed and working in customer's factory. Tos BEV80 roll grinder capacity 800 x 5000mm weighing 48,000 kgs
Waldrich roll grinder capacity 1600 x 6000mm weighing 90,000 kgs.
Butler HP30 slotter stroke 760mm, table diameter 1525mm weighing 21,000 kgs.
Butler HP21 slotter stroke 530mm. table diameter 1140mm weighing 10,000 kgs.
Craven planer/miller capacity 3124 x 8000mm weighing 120,000 kgs.
Niles HZS-2500 capacity 2700 x 8000mm weighing 112,000 kgs.
Stirk planer capacity 1800 x 4800mm weighing 32,000 kgs.
Russian 7A 116 planer capacity 2000 x 6200mm weighing 50,000 kgs.
Noble & Lund planer capacity 3650 x 9000mm weighing 120,000 kgs.
Wadkin TCD 1520 CNC gantry mill capacity 3500 x 1625mm weighing 17,000 kgs.
Wadkin TCH CNC gantry mill capacity 3600 x 2550 x 850mm weighing 38,000 kgs.
Butler double column planer capacity 8000 x 1880 x 1830mm weighing 54,660 kgs.
Forest-Line Seramill 240 CNC gantry mill capacity 10000 x 2410mm weighing 53,500 kgs.
Noble & Lund heavy duty floor borer capacity 3050 x 4267mm + rotary table weighing 67,000 kgs.
Waldrich-Coburg heavy duty hydraulic slotter stroke 1400mm, table diameter 1600mm.
Two Heyligenstaedt CNC die sinking machines capacity 4400 x 2200 x 1500mm each weighing 70,000 kgs.
Asquith 4RM floor borer + rotary table combined weight 90,000 kgs.
Ursviken KPD 500/5600mm hydraulic pressbrake weighing 40,000 kgs.
Cincinnati double column plano-miller capacity 5000 x 2489 x 1828mm weighing 59,000 kgs.
Bronx 12'0'' 3-roll double initial pinch plate bending roll weighing 145,000 kgs.

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